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Sunset from South Phoenix, AZ – Family & Children's Photography | Oh! MG Photography, Phoenix, AZ


There was a day when my daugther wanted to see the sunset, and my husband was working late. We drove on back to South Mountain (our back yard, pretty much) and hiked not far from Scorpions Gulch to view this amazing sunset. Just another memory that I’ll get to look back on some day. Little […] Read more…

#PureMichigan: a personal Oh! MG family vacation – Ahwatukee, AZ Family Photographer


I was born in , raised in, and still visit Grand Rapids, MI. It’s where my parents bought a tiny red brick house and made it their home. It’s where the kids left the nest from. It’s my mother’s resting place.  It’s where my daughter loves to visit Papa. It’s where I met my husband, […] Read more…

Visiting the gorgeous scenery of Lake Roosevelt, AZ – Oh! MG Photography 2014


May 24th we took a trip. My husband wouldn’t tell me where we were going but he was like, “get ready we are leaving.” So 1) I knew we were leaving far away, and 2) I know he understands my appreciation and love for the scenic Arizona so I was pretty sure I’d like what […] Read more…

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Summer Special – Ahwatukee & South Mountain Family Photography | Oh! MG Photography 2014

Oh! MG Photography: Children's Photography in Phoenix Arizona

Put down your smartphone and jump in the picture for once! Oh! MG Photography is offering a price point for everyone for a limited time! I’m debuting a summer special that you’re able to apply through August! These short and sweet sessions start at $99* and can take as little as 20 minutes! These sessions […] Read more…

An ode to mothers everywhere

a day in the life of a mom

I started off with an idea. I wanted to glorify the unglorified actions of motherhood. I wanted to make it more acceptable to the general public to a mom loving a voluminous spit up, or a blowout diaper, or a tantrum.  Let’s stop pretending motherhood is about unicorns and rainbows and let’s remember what it’s […] Read more…

Wow, finally a dot com!


It took me forever. I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier? I’m not sure, really.  Oh! MG Photo is now in Phoenix.  We’ve been situated for a few weeks but it’s been busy with getting unpacked, figuring out routines. Our daughter is enrolled in PT preschool now which sorta frees up but confuses […] Read more…