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#PureMichigan: a personal Oh! MG family vacation – Ahwatukee, AZ Family Photographer


I was born in , raised in, and still visit Grand Rapids, MI. It’s where my parents bought a tiny red brick house and made it their home. It’s where the kids left the nest from. It’s my mother’s resting place. ┬áIt’s where my daughter loves to visit Papa. It’s where I met my husband, […] Read more…

Thank you, Em & Cait. <3


Today was a small little escape from reality for me and the little one. Daddy headed off on work and we sorta just did random nothings for a while. We stopped at a consignment shop and I found a metal baby-doll bed that will be PERFECT for a newborn, and then, when I got home, […] Read more…

It’s always Sunday


That has the most amazing morning “reveal”. The sun is burning the earth with its amazing heat and creating steam thats acting like fog and is slowly dissipating. The silhouette of the mountain disappears into the dew as the sky is illuminated by the sun — something we haven’t seen for a few days here […] Read more…