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 FAQ Phoenix Family Photographer Oh! MG Photography
Understand my Point of View.
I rarely run into troubles with clients mostly because I try to accommodate to them as much as possible.  My processes are ever changing as I learn new things and new ways to market. With that said, I can’t guarantee you’ll always pay the same thing for sitting fees, digital copies, and prints.  Now I’m not saying one day you’ll pay $X amount, and the next $Z amount. I’m saying that if my prices go up permanently there IS a reason and a good one at that.  In Phoenix I put aside 38.3% of my fees if not for sales tax, than for income tax.  Little did you know I go through all these legal mumbo jumbo to satisfy the state and the IRS.  Prices may go up subject to tax increases, and other boring business-like reasons.
Leaving it “As is.”
I work tirelessly editing my images, and finding ways to perfect my work. I really appreciate not cropping or re-editing my images in any way.  When you sport a piece of my work it represents me and the OhMG name. Editing that alters that and it’s illegal as I don’t sell you the COPYRIGHT I sell you PRINTING rights when you purchase a CD of your images. Please respect this, as I’d hate to take any legal actions against a client — ever.
We Book
Together you and I come up with a time and date that works for the both of us. Once a date is decided upon, a deposit is due. Without that deposit nothing moves on, and your date, time, location etc are all null and void open to anyone else who may want them.
Are non-refundable and ensure you have my WORD that your shoot will be locked in on my calendar and I will be available. If I am rushed into an emergency whether it be for myself, my daughter or husband, I will work tirelessly to find a substitute photographer for you. If such an emergency happens and I am not able to find a substitute, the deposit can be refunded OR we may reschedule with no hidden fees or penalties.
For couples portraits, as well as family portraits except to embrace your family or significant other in ways you want captured on film.  You are paying quality money, so spend quality time.  Kiss your wife, throw your kids in the air. Remember that you live once and these are the amazing people you’re surrounding yourself with for the rest of it. Hand holding, kisses, and hugs are all very welcome in any family or couples portraits.
I can do on location, or at your home if you see it fits your personality to a “T”.   Any location that requires an admission charge will be allowed, but the admission price will be added to your cost due to me.
Melissa Garcia Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Childrens and Family Photographer