Outsource Editing

Outsource your your workflow to a private one-on-one editor (me!) with 100% transparency and 24/7 communication.

Outsourcing  is having an amazing contracted worker who you can text and say, "Oh my gosh. that was a really hard session to shoot. not sure I can make it through editing it."

It's wanting to hire someone to do your editing so you can for once in 4 years of being a thriving entrepreneur go on a family vacation and not bring your laptop.

It's deciding while you like to maybe edit 4-5 images of your sessions, you could be doing so much more with your time (like reinventing your business, yourself, or your family.)

Outsource editing isn't for everyone. There's a reason people do it, there's reasons people don't do it. 

For those who are willing to take the leap, to hire on help : you are brave - and you're going to thank yourself!

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Pricing ranges from $2.00 to $5.00 per image, with the price reflecting the amount of work requested.

Contact Oh! MG Editing for more information on outsourcing your newborn and family session

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